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BOSS Snowplow | Ice Control Equipment

VBX Spreaders

BOSS VBX Spreaders are some of the most powerful tools in your snow- and ice-removal arsenal.

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The BOSS Forge 2.0, a stainless steel hopper spreader from BOSS performs just as powerfully and reliably as the VBX Spreader line while offering a fully stainless steel hopper.

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Tail Gate Spreaders

The TGS Spreader series from BOSS is the easiest way to arm yourself against all things snow and ice.

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UTV V-Box Spreaders

BOSS designs their spreaders for one purpose- making the lives of snow and ice-removal professionals easier and more efficient.

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Walk Behind Spreaders

Expanding the vehicle applications for plows, BOSS now offers straight-blade and v-plow options for select tractor models.

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